Sunday, March 25, 2012

5 Drawing Tips For Beginners

Drawing things is a moderately easy skill and can be source of great fun. As a hobby it's not too expensive either, one can get started with a pencil and notepad. And if budget permits one can use computers and drawing software. And this simplicity of the art form precisely makes drawing so highly popular.

Too many youngsters are taking up drawing as a hobby. Drawing various comic action hero and fun cartoon characters has become a craze now.

With some basic drawing tips everybody can improve their skill level and be a better drawing maker. Here I am going to give you some drawing tips that will help you to improve your skill level.

1. If you are just starting out you should practice drawing simple shapes like circles, eggs and ovals with reasonable accuracy. These basic shapes can be used to draw more complex shapes.

2. As these basic shapes will be the construction lines on which the main drawing will be structured you should practice drawing these lines as light as possible.

3. If you face difficulty in drawing the basic shapes take help of circle templates, compass or rulers.

4. For improving your skill level in figure drawing be selective. Concentrate more on a specific area and practice a lot. For example you may want to practice drawing tricky areas like hands, draperies more than simpler areas like nose, lips etc.

5. Using a good-quality material will make your drawing look good and save you from lots of frustration. Your eraser should erase cleanly without smudging the drawing. And your pencil should be good enough to draw lines without requiring frequent sharpening.
You may also try clutch pencils because they require less maintenance than timber cased pencils.

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