Sunday, March 25, 2012

Butterfly Face Painting Designs - Body Painting Tips

If you are planning to put some paintings on your body then butterfly face painting designs offer one of the excellent choices for you. Butterflies are one of the most attractive figures to choose because of the unlimited choices for its pattern; aside from the beauty it creates with its attractive mixtures of colors.

Moreover, butterfly face painting designs are also very simple to create that even beginners in body painting can do it with ease; using basic color combination to produce unique patterns. Aside from butterflies you can also choose other figures like various animals that include tigers and lions, birds and dragons, cats and dogs, bugs and insects, sharks and fishes, and so much more.

One of the most important things that you must bear in mind when doing body paintings is to blend the figures with the type of person wearing them. To give you some examples, when creating the art for children, it is best to choose designs that appeal to them like their favourite animated cartoon characters. For boys, they would love to wear various designs of cars, robots, pirates, and other stuffs for boys. On the other hand, girls would prefer to wear something that exude beauty like flowers and fairies, rainbows and butterfly face painting designs.

Additionally, the pattern should also be based on what the person intents to convey. If the individual is wearing body paintings to scare people then you can choose monsters and other Halloween figures; if they are wearing the paintings on their faces to add beauty then you may choose flower, birds and animal designs.

Regardless of what pattern to choose, it is essential to create designs that are well suited to the type of personality of the person wearing them; as well as choose designs that make them very comfortable in placing them on their face. Some people may feel uncomfortable in certain patterns that they will use it for only few minutes and eventually erase them; while people who are very proud and comfortable with the patterns on their faces wear them for much longer time.

Hence, before you start creating paints on faces, it is imperative to ask first the person on what design to use that will make them very comfortable. In most cases, men and women vary on their choices because men want something masculine; while women tends to choose something that radiates beauty like butterfly face painting designs.

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