Sunday, March 25, 2012

Simple Face Painting Ideas For Beginners

Painting faces is fun, exciting and watching the kids admire their designs is very cute. However you may see the faces painted at Walt Disney or the work of someone else who has been doing it for years and think, I could never do that! And, "if my designs aren't so elaborate nobody will want them." Well, you're wrong, you don't have to go all out to do beautiful and kid friendly face painting.

You can start with simple designs and you'll still be the life of the party. One great way to do smaller kids that won't sit still is to use stamps to get the basic design on and then take your brush and fill in the accents. Check your local craft store or Wal*Mart for stamps. Snazarro also has stamps available for those that need something to work off of.

If you're able to do small check designs free hand, paint some on cardboard stock paper and take it along and have the kids pick one of those. Having some of this around is handy also for practicing or trying out a new idea you just came up with.

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