Sunday, March 25, 2012

Costumes and Your Party

Costumes can be so much fun to design and to wear. Whether you are looking for an outfit for a party, for Halloween, or for any other occasion, you want to choose properly. You want what you wear to stand out and you do not want to discover that there are two or three other people at the same party that are wearing the exact same thing. That does not make you look very original and they are likely to be as unhappy about it as you are!

To stand out and to be noticed, you can go to a store and buy something off of the rack or you can visit a store that specializes in costumes and ask the sales clerk to help you find something that will be a showstopper. To save a few dollars, you can see what you have at home first and then shop at thrift stores to pick up the rest of the garments that you need to put your outfit of choice together. Then, you might want to drop by another store to buy some inexpensive accessories.

To be as creative as possible with your ensemble, you need to think ahead. If you have an invite to the party months in advance or if you are throwing the party yourself, then you will have time to really think through what or whom you would like to dress as. You may change your mind several times, so do not automatically rush out and spend $100 on clothing that you will then decide you do not want to wear.

Some costumes seem to be timeless, but others grow boring over time. How many times can you dress up as Batman or Superman and still keep it interesting? Your Darth Vader get-up might have garnered many smiles of admiration when Star Wars first came out, but decades later, does it really have the same appeal? Think about this when you are trying to decide what character you wish to portray.

Try to be as current as possible when it comes to your choice of character. If other people know exactly who you are supposed to be, then your outfit will be met with more smiles and laughter than if they do not. It is also a conversation piece, which is always a good thing at parties.

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