Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tattoo Popularity and Tips on Getting a Tattoo

Why do people get tattoos? Originally, it was a cultural thing before becoming popular in the Western part of the world. Colonization help spread the art to every part of the world. Initially, the tattoos were we forbidden by Christianity in Europe and did not gain much popularity until sailor of all sorts got them and returned to their homelands to display the unique art.

Today, you see tattoos on people from every walk of life. Their reasons for getting a tattoo are as diverse as their origins. Another contributing factor to the popularity of tattoos is prominent public figures in the entertainment industry. The tattoo influence can be attributed to movie stars, musicians, and the professional sport figures. Everyone in the public eye who dares to display their tattoo design help promote the cool fashion statement. The effect is definitely positive for the tattoo industry. Admirers of public figures want to be like their idols by emulating their tattoo designs or get tattoo idea inspirations. For example, to know that you have a tattoo similar to a movie star would bring a connection to people you admire from afar.

Whatever tattoo design you decide to put on your body, ensure you do thorough research. One simply way is through the internet. Just go to your favorite search engine and search for terms like 'tattoo ideas' or 'tattoo designs' and you will find many free sites offering suggestions and ideas. There are also paid membership sites that have thousands of great selections. You can print out your desired tattoo and bring it to your local tattoo shop. Depending on where you are, you can also use the internet to research the tattoo shop and determine if there are any good reviews before heading out the door. It is definitely a good idea to visit the tattoo shop and talk to the tattooist to get a sense of the tattoo process. Remember to bring someone for moral support or just a second opinion. Getting a tattoo can be a fun process if you do your upfront research.

Once the tattoo design is identified, the next step is to decide where to best put it. The decision will depend on a few factors. Where do you want the tattoo? Is it in a sensitive area and does it get a lot of sun exposure, etc? Another factor is do you plan on displaying it in public or ability to show it when you want without getting weird looks. Also the size of the tattoo design is important since larger tattoos take more real estate, so only certain parts of the body can accommodate the tattoo design. Ultimately, the final location will be decide by you with input from the tattoo artist.

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